This Street Artist’s Graffiti Puns Are Absolutely Brilliant

Hanksy is a New York based graffiti artist that adorns the city streets with brilliant pundits, and parodies of some of the best of the worst in popular culture.

In a New York Times interview, he describes his work by saying…
“I was created for the Internet,” he said. “It’s memes in real life. I know how to use social media. I know what copy and what articles work, what is going to get clicks. Of course, America loves Tom Hanks, and America loves Banksy. I don’t want to lie and say I didn’t know what I was doing by putting the two on the street. I knew that if it eventually got leaked somewhere, or if I sent it to a website, it would get picked up and get hits.”
The gallery below features some of our favorites from this brilliant “parodist”, but to see even more of Hanksy’s work – visit his website by clicking here.

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