This Stop-Motion Film Presents the Strangely Heart-Warming Existential Crisis of ‘Doggy Poo’

Doggy Poo (강아지 똥, Gangaji ddong) is a 30-minute stop motionanimated film from South Korea, directed by Kwon Oh-sung, based on Kwon Jung-saeng’s 1968 children’s book Doggy Poo, illustrated by Annie Rose Godsman. 

After being “created” by a dog, Doggy Poo meets various living and inanimate things, but nobody wants to be his friend. Doggy Poo becomes sad because he believes he is worthless and has no purpose.


However, in time a plant grows out of the ground and tells Doggy Poo that she needs him so she can grow into a flower. Doggy Poo discovers his life purpose and he becomes absorbed by the flower. After being absorbed by the flower, Doggy Poo lives “a happy life”.

See a clip from the film below…

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