‘Space Oddity’ – The Shapeshifting Mural

“Space Oddity” by Truly Design is a by-product of the amalgamation of experience and technique.

Inspired by the classic song from the late, great David Bowie, the artist describes the vision of this project best by saying…

“we created this site-specific artwork blending it in its architectural and chromatic surroundings, a long symmetric corridor within a large and luminous facility.

Thus, the colors are fresh and relaxing, whilst from an aesthetic point of view our inspiration comes from Holbein and Da Vinci’s anamorphic experiments, besides more modern forms of geometric and abstract artwork.”

Space Oddity from one point of view



Space Oddity as you move further



Browse through some of the other projects from this fantastic collective collaboration of artists by viewing the videos below…

H/T BoredPanda | Truly Design Urban

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