Silent Disco and Enhancement of Yoga Practice

Silent Disco Roots

The origins of Silent Disco came with the mission of reducing noise pollution to nearby wildlife in the early 1990’s. The years to follow showed promise in festivals worldwide and in the club scene. Recently, the properties of Silent Disco have been met with the practice of yoga.

If you’re not familiar with Silent Disco, it’s a concept that allows music goers to listen to a song while wearing headphones. In a crowd, each person has their own set with the option of switching between two different stations. Depending on what the DJ is spinning you can listen to alternative rock while your dance partner listens to electronic. In the party scene, rather than shouting to your friend, it allows the listener to communicate by simply lowering their headsets and immersing in a quick conversation.


Disco Meets Yoga

As we move to the yoga setting, Silent Disco works in a similar fashion. In 2014, Sound Off, a headphone company implemented the practice of yoga to their arsenal. Popularity amongst the yoga community has grown and has spread both nationwide and internationally to cities like Hong Kong.

Far from conventional roots, Silent Yoga offers an enhanced practice as the opportunity of deepening the experience presents itself. Each practitioner gets their own set of headphones to accompany their session. Just like a Silent Disco party, music is a main component with the added benefit of hearing your instructor’s voice throughout the entire class. Many describe this feeling as though their instructor were whispering right in their ear as they transition from pose to pose.

Internal exercises are enhanced as external noises are removed. Rather than worrying about mishearing an instruction or becoming distracted by outside noises, Silent Yoga takes the practitioner into further internalization. This comes especially handy as we are in times where yoga is appealing to more and more people. The opportunity to hold larger classes pairs nicely with the convenience of instruction with headphones.

It’s as simple as the saying goes.. “Headphones in, world out.”

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