Psychedelic Mixed Media Collages by Jodi Bee

Jodi Bee is an artist that creates psychedelic mixed media collages, which are influenced by consciousness, philosophy, curiosities and more!

She describes her work by saying:

I create highly detailed analog collage works, incorporating mixed media techniques. Toning the elements beyond where I found them, which is primarily within an extensive collection of used books, this allows me to choose and enhance the inherent colors to the vivid, saturated levels I tend to prefer in my work. Embellishment through some rendering, outlining, metallic leafing, iridescent papers, as well as textural surface treatments provide freedom to evolve the artwork beyond the collage base to a more considered aesthetic ultimate destination. I am interested in luminosity, reflection, and the play of light on the surfaces of my works.

Subject matter runs the gamut of my interests. I am inspired by a tsunami of various sources, devote in following my passions with a sense of whimsy. The natural world, scientific explanation of a variety of phenomena, collections of curiosities throughout history, states of consciousness, philosophy, intuition, patterns present throughout our world, the universe, meditation, lucid dreaming, flow of energy, music, sensory experiences, religious iconography, symbols, mythology, fairy tales, the possibility of magic, liminal and transitional moments experienced in lives, emotional states, such as ecstasy, the perils and thrills of love are all subjects I’ve encountered in my recent explorations.

Some of my art involves establishing a narrative, some works are more open ended and some more opaque in their implied meaning or story.
My recent collage work varies greatly in size from 4″ to 32″, the trend seems to be getting on the larger end of that spectrum. The dimensions I most often create within are squares or circles, in part because the particular geometry infuses the work with a sense of wholeness, and in part because it is ready made to evolve into becoming album art for musician friends. Without the need to crop to a square from a rectangular original, it maintains the position throughout its creation of being a more considered composition from its beginnings, all the way to the ultimate destination, to represent a musical record.                
My aesthetic is “more is more”, decoratively embellished, painstakingly arranged to create harmony, balance, and a sense of wholeness. I believe there is a sense of the substantial investment of my time in cutting out each element within the work, with my tiny pink handled scissors, as well as the arrangement of the many pieces. Truth be told, I likely prepare three times as many elements as end up making it into a final piece. Those elements get filed away in my organized cabinet for a future work.This body of highly detailed collage work was created by cutting images of beauty or symbolic significance from books, then reassembling many clippings into a composition that emphasizes geometry, in particular, the circle. Some in the series are radial mandalas, while others are symmetrical, or just slightly asymmetrical.  A few repeat the shape in a rhythmical sequence, creating an almost musical movement, but all incorporate circles as a common link.  

Browse the gallery below to see some of Jodi’s work, and to learn more – visit her website and socials!

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