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    This Solar-Powered Pod Allows You to Live Anywhere in the World

    The Ecocapsule, is a mobile micro dwelling that allows you to live anywhere in the world, completely off-the-grid. Developed by Nice Architects, this solar-powered shelter concept has now hit the market, and is currently available for pre-order as part of a limited-edition run of 50 pods. The Ecocapsule has four wheels for easy transport, as well as insulated fiberglass, rooftop solar panels, and ...

    On February 28, 2017 / By
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    Witches of the World Unite and Cast Spell to ‘Bind Donald Trump and All of Those Who Abet Him’ (DETAILS)

    At the stroke of midnight on February 24th, 2017, a massive number of witches engaged in an occult ritual to “bind Trump and all those who abet him”.  The spell calls on “demons of the infernal realms and the spirits of the ancestors”, and further details on how to cast it can be found here: A Spell to Bind Donald Trump and All Those ...

    On February 25, 2017 / By
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    Historic discovery: NASA finds a Solar system with SEVEN Earth-like planets

    Astronomers have detected SEVEN Earth-like planets orbiting a star called Trappist-1. According to scientists, all seven planets are very similar to Earth and have oceans of liquid water on their surface. Three of the alien worlds are so perfect that scientists say LIFE may have already evolved on them. NASA has just announced a historic discovery as Astronomers have found a star ...

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    Mysterious 600-Year-Old Buddha Head Emerges From a Lake In China

    Foundations of a mysterious temple were discovered recently, when a Chinese villager stumbled across a Buddha head emerging from water. The head is encrusted in the rock, and appeared after the water level decreased to 10 meters. Archeologists believe it may be dated at over 600 years old! H/T Fubiz ...

    On February 22, 2017 / By
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    This 22-Year-Old Photographer With Sleep Paralysis Recreates His Nightmares In Photos

    Nicolas Bruno is a 22-year-old photographer who has been suffering from sleep paralysis for over 7 years, but transmutes his terrors into art through photography. According to Wikipedia: Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon in which an individual, either during falling asleep or awakening, briefly experiences an inability to move, speak, or react. It is a transitional state between wakefulness and sleep. It ...

    On February 21, 2017 / By
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    Using Architecture To Explain 16 Mental Illnesses And Disorders

    (BoredPanda) If you had to imagine your mental illness or disorder as a house, what would it look like? Federico Babina has just released a new project called Archiatric, which depicts 16 different conditions as works of architecture in various states of repair. The designs are chillingly abstract, but for anyone living with the agony of mental illness, they’re all too accurate. ...

    On February 20, 2017 / By
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    Marijuana Oil Types and Uses: CBD vs THC Oil

    Marijuana oil (CBD or THC) is hardly a new thing on the scene. It’s been around awhile, but from all the hype lately, you would think it was the latest, greatest thing. Now, you may be a seasoned pro at the cannabis oil thing and know how to order just the right type for your needs. But if you’re completely uninitiated and wondering ...

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    “Season of the Witch” Debuts at SPRING/BREAK Art Show in NYC

    “Season of the Witch” debuts at SPRING/BREAK Art Show in NYC (New York, NY)    Sarah Potter is pleased to present “Season of the Witch,” a group exhibition of new work at SPRING/BREAK Art Show during Armory Arts Week in New York City. The sixth edition of SPRING/BREAK Art Show will take place in the former corporate offices located at 4 Times ...

    On February 14, 2017 / By
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    Volley (2011): A Fantastically Nightmarish Stop-Motion Animation

    Volley (2011) is a beautifully bizarre stop-motion animation by Monica Cook, featuring music by Martín Capella. This surreal work of art is evocative of both dreams and nightmares, fantasy and science fiction. With unique visuals, and an affecting sound-scape – Cook’s creation leaves a lasting impression on the imagination. Watch below and share your thoughts!   ...

    On February 13, 2017 / By
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    Sony Has Patented a Contact Lens That’s Blink Powered and Records Video

    Unlike other forms of contacts and glasses that created an augmented reality or hook you up to the internet, Sony’s new patent is on a simple set of contacts that can record video. The recording is turned on and off with the user’s blink and sensors can detect if it was an intentional or unintentional one.  The image capture technology and data ...

    On February 12, 2017 / By