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    Porkchop Sandwiches! The G.I. Joe PSA’s Have Been Newly Remastered into HD Quality

    In the early days of internet, before the rise of memes and the dawn of the Cult of Kek – Fensler Films’ “G.I. Joe” PSA satire-remix videos were a hilarious (and viral) sensation. The short nonsequiturs didn’t make much sense, but classics like “Pork Chop Sandwiches“, “Reggae“, and “Help Computer” induced a type of hysterical absurdity that has yet to be repeated. Wild to think ...

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  • Art

    The Kinetic, Color Chaos of Artist CJ Hungerman

    CJ Hungerman is an an artist that describes his work as a “Visual Riot”. Composing patterns of kinetic, color chaos, the inspiration for this work is human emotion, and interaction. Hungerman describes his work by saying: …The layers, shapes, and color choices evolve into an electrified, surreal landscape that engages the viewer with new optic riddles each time the art is explored. ...

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  • Music

    Tommy Cash – SURF *NSFW*

    Tommy Cash is a “Post Soviet” Estonian rapper that would best be described as an amalgamation of Marilyn Manson, John Waters, Harmony Korine and Alex from Everything is Illuminated. Cash has garnered a cult following over the past few months, and the momentum is continuing to grow. His infectious sound, and beautifully bizarre aesthetic is the stuff dreams are made of.   ...

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  • Culture

    The Hypnotic Floating Head of Soviet TV

    With Russia hot in the news, I invite you back almost three decades to a simpler, happier time — the collapse of the Soviet Union. The year is 1989 and the Communist Party’s grip on various soviet satellite countries is slipping. Civil unrest is running rampant and the future is particularly uncertain. As we stare down this volatile and large-scale political scenario, ...

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  • Culture

    Sir Patrick Stewart Admits He Relies On Cannabis to Fully Function

    “I mean, my main problem is my hands don’t work very well,” he said. “But thanks to cannabis, they work much better than they used to. Thanks to the law in California now, it’s just a spray that I put on.” Stewart said he’s been to doctors about this problem but they usually dismiss it as part of the aging process. “You ...

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  • Art

    Exploring Creativity, and Consciousness With Artist Ian Ferguson (HYDEON)

    Ian Ferguson, otherwise known as HYDEON, is a contemporary artist, designer, and print-maker currently living (and working) in Brooklyn, NY. He was born in National City, CA in 1985, and grew up in San Diego. He received his BA in graphic design from The Art Institute of California (San Diego) in 2006. I recently had an opportunity to connect with Ian during a ...

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  • Imagination

    Ikea’s Hydroponic System Allows You to Grow Vegetables All Year Without a Garden

    Ikea’s indoor garden system is the perfect option for those who wish to grow their own food all year round but don’t have the garden space to be able to do it. Ikea’s indoor hydroponic garden allows anyone to grow fresh produce at home without the need for soil or any previous gardening experience. The hydroponic system of the garden means that ...

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    A Company Just 3D-Printed a House in 24 Hours for Only $10,134

    While 3D-printing may have been faded away in recent years from the spotlight of core “disruptive” technologies, that may soon change again after a company 3D-printed an entire house in just 24 hours. Located in Russia, the following 400-square-foot home, or 37 square meters, was built in just a day, at a cost of slightly over $10,000. As profiled in the Telegraph, the ...

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    Was the “Cash Me Outside, How Bou Dat” Girl’s Instagram Hacked or Is This Just an Elaborate Publicity Stunt?

    13-year-old Florida native, Danielle Bregoli, became an overnight sensation in September 2016, after an infamous appearance on Dr. Phil. Her infamous remark “cash me outside, how bou dat” gave birth to this dark star, and memetic insanity of epic proportion. A sign of the times of the cult of personality, Bregoli’s fame and ego has continued to rise over the past few months ...

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  • Art

    This Self-Taught Surreal Artist Uses Creativity as a Therapeutic Outlet

    Fenna Berry is a self-taught American multimedia artist born in 1995. She lives with schizophrenia, but uses her art and creativity as an outlet for therapy. Most of her works are done using surrealist techniques such as automatism or they are created with a highly personal concept in mind. Browse the gallery below to see some of her creative expressions, and to ...

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