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New GRIMES Mixtape is Perfect Soundtrack for Now

Photo courtesy 4AD

Claire Boucher, better known as GRIMES, is pretty consistent with her body of work. Visually intriguing, and sonically stunning her art encompasses a wide birth of influence. Last week she offered up a mixtape for BBC Radio 3’s “Late Junction” that shows just how globe-spanning her influences go. It’s apparent she has great taste. Scroll down to see the tracklist and see for yourself.

Can’t stop listening.

GRIMES even tags it with a little intro.

Listen now:

Aphex Twin – Xtal
Kelsey Lu – Morning After Coffee
Delerium – Aria (ft Mediæval Bæbes)
Shonen Knife – Ah, Singapore
Yamantaka // Sonic Titan – Hoshi Neko
The Internet – Special Affair
Kali Uchis – Ridin Round
Dil Se (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – Satarangi Re
Bajirao Mastani (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – Deewani Mastani
Tei Shi- Basically
HANA – Chimera
Now Now – Thread
Animal Collective – We Tigers

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