Never-Before-Seen Bowie: Intimate Portraits of the ‘Starman’

Renowned photographer Steve Schapiro is releasing a new book, which features a collection of intimate, never-before-seen portraits of the late David Bowie. Schapiro’s distinguished photos have graced the covers of Time, Life, Look, Sports Illustrated, Vanity Fair, and People – and are found in many museum collections

The new book celebrates his life and legacy, and the vast majority of the photos are previously unpublished. Many of which were taken during “an epic photo shoot”, which took place in Los Angeles in 1974 and lasted from 4pm until dawn.

One of the images were used as the back cover for Bowie’s Station to Station album in 1976, and were also used again in accompanying the song ‘Lazarus’ from his final album Blackstar.

H/T – DailyMail


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