HYPERNORMALISATION: The Documentary That Exposes Why We’re Living in a False World

Adam Curtis is an English documentary film-maker, known for exploring various themes on “power and how it works in society”. His works explore areas of sociology, psychology, philosophy and political history (see: Century of the Self).

Curtis’ work is a unique blend of journalism that is expounded through visual articulations using film as the vehicle for solidifying his points.

‘We live in a world where the powerful deceive us. We know they lie. They know we know they lie. They don’t care.’

His latest film HyperNormalisation explores the forces that have been the catalyst for propelling our current culture into the critical mass of dense uncertainty it currently resides in.

Touching on everything from Donald Trump to Brexit, to the War in Syria, mass immigration, extreme disparity in wealth, and increasing bomb attacks in the West – HyperNormalisation provides a solid basis to not only why these chaotic events are happening, but also why humanity as a whole may not understand what’s happening in the world around us.


We have retreated into a simplified, and often completely fake version of the world. And because it is reflected all around us, ubiquitous, we accept it as normal. This epic narrative of how we got here spans over 40 years, with an extraordinary cast of characters—the Assad dynasty, Donald Trump, Henry Kissinger, Patti Smith, early performance artists in New York, President Putin, Japanese gangsters, suicide bombers, Colonel Gaddafi and the Internet. HyperNormalisation weaves these historical narratives back together to show how today’s fake and hollow world was created and is sustained. This shows that a new kind of resistance must be imagined and actioned, as well as an unprecedented reawakening in a time where it matters like never before.

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