These Hyper-Realistic Busts of Ren and Stimpy Are Absolutely Horrifying

Featured art by Berk Öztürk 

The Ren & Stimpy Showwas a controversial (and oftentimes cringe-worthy) cartoon show that ran on Nickelodeon between 1991 – 1995.

Featuring “emotionally unstable chihuahua,” Ren, and “a good-natured, dimwitted cat,” Stimpy – the cartoon was made for children, but the outrageous jokes were definitely geared towards adults. This iconic piece of nostalgia, paved the way for cartoons such as Beavis and Butthead and South Park, and still enjoys a large cult following today.

Artist Andrew Freeman of Immortal masks has recently paid homage to Ren Höek and Stimpson J. Cat by creating “hyper-realistic” silicone busts of the duo.

The full silicone busts were designed, sculpted and painted by Andrew Freeman with the assistance of his team at Immortal Masks, and the finished pieces are being displayed at Think Tank Gallery in downtown Los Angeles October 8 through the 31st.

The masks are absolutely grotesque, keeping in line with the original show which often featured disgusting close-ups of the cartoon pair. The intricate details on these busts are amusingly disturbing, from the gross rotten teeth to the “magic nose goblins” in Stimpy’s nostrils.

H/T Dangerous Minds (Christopher Bickel)

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