Season of the Witch: An Exhibition Showcasing the Transformation of Fantasy to Reality

SP Projects and the Seligmann Center has a treat for those looking to explore the relationship within art, ritual, magick, and modern-day mysticism in upcoming group exhibition, “Season of the Witch.” With an opening reception on July 22 from 6 to 9 PM, “Season of the Witch” will run through September 4. The various ways in which an artists brings their vision to fruition is synonymous with the ways in which “the witch” utilizes their internal power to make fantasy a reality. Each piece in the exhibition reflects just that while the artists combine intuition and creativity to discover the art in making a modern day magical practice.




This group exhibitions includes artists such as Evie Falci, Lala Adaddon, Heather Gabel, Astral Eyes, Hilary White, Lucien Shapiro, Hunter Stabler, and Robert Ryan.

Through artistic alchemy, Evie Falci brings new life to the materials of denim, pleather, rhinestones, and metal studs and creates intricate mandalas referencing sacred geometry and ancient symbology.


Both Astral Eyes and Heather Gabel utilize the medium of collage to reveal the surreal in their work.


Lala Abaddon reveals her deep and inner world through the powers of woven photographs revealing a pixelated dreamscape.


Lucien Shapiro delves into the artistry of recreation by giving new life to discarded material. Shapiro creates masks and self-protection pieces for the ritualistic escape from reality.


A typical wall sculpture takes on a new life as Hilary White creates magnificent wall pieces that act as portals transport the mind to another land, another realm of consciousness.


Hunter Stabler plays with perspective and references mythical origins in his intricately cut and layered paper compositions.


Robert Ryan allows his influence of Eastern Spirituality and Western Mysticism to create a world in his paintings representing a meditative practice tapping into a hidden language.


About The Seligmann Center:

What was once the former estate of Kurt and Arlette Seligmann is now transformed into the wondrous gallery, The Seligmann Center. Seligmann was a central figure of the Surrealist movement and has compiled vast knowledge of esoterica and the occult in his book The Mirror of Magic.


The history carried within the Seligmann farm makes this the perfect storm in terms of hosting this upcoming exhibition. “The Season of the Witch” adds to The Seligmann Center by providing an additional layer of magic and creation.


For additional information, please contact, Sarah Potter, owner and founder of SP Projects via

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