Exploring Agartha: The Legendary City in Earth’s Core

Theories circulate around a legendary city located in the center of our planet called Agartha. This concept is related to the belief in a hollow Earth suggesting that the planet is either entirely hollow or contains a substantial amount of interior space. This theory has provided a source of inspiration to writers including Edgar Allen Poe and driven some powerful people on expeditions like Adolf Hitler.

Before the Earth was proven to be round it was thought to be flat. Discoveries are always at the horizon and the concept of a hollow Earth might be more than meets the eye. As time progresses, it seems that more and more people are considering this idea to be a possibility. After all, have any of you really seen the inside of our planet. The means used to measure our planet’s interior are diverse including seismic activity and free oscillation frequencies.

With every viewpoint lies an opposition. According to currently accepted theories, the idea of a hollow Earth could not be possible. From volcanic eruptions to shifting tectonic plates, there is definitely something under the basic crust of our planet. Could it be that it might just surpass what we have been taught in school?

Is this science, mythology, or both? Long before any scientific measurements or speculations, ancient religions also believed in an Inner Earth. Ancient cultures worldwide including Buddhism and Hinduism share stories related to beings that live in an underground world.

Scientists and Inner Earth

Dr. Edmund Halley who is most popular for his discovery of Halley’s Comet proposed the idea of an Inner or Hollow Earth. His mission was to gain a better understanding of the Earth’s magnetic field. Halley worked among other respected scientists including Albert Einstein.

Excerpt from Halley’s book, An Account of the Cause of the Change of the Variation of the Magnetic Needle:

“…But to return to our hypothesis, in order to explain the change of the variations, we have ventured to make the Earth hollow and to place another globe within it: and I doubt not but this will find opposers enough. I know ’twill be objected…”


Leonard Euler was a Swiss mathematician and physicist. He is responsible for producing a large portion of our current mathematical terminology. He is even considered to be one of the greatest mathematicians of all time. Similar to Halley, Euler believed in an Inner Earth. His theory proposed that the planet was completely hollow with an entrance from the North and South poles.


Agartha and Ancient Religious Beliefs

As previously mentioned, many ancient religions believed in the concept of an inner Earth where wise inhabitants reside. In Buddhist beliefs, it is said that Agartha was colonized thousand of years ago where the people have great knowledge in the sciences. According to the legends of the Native Americans, the supernatural were pushed to the surface by a great flood. It is said that they passed on their knowledge to humanity during their time on Earth’s exterior.

Although Agartha is said to be a legendary land in the center of the Earth there are speculations of it’s capital, Shambala, being located on the planet’s surface. Only those with the right karmic capacity are able to access this land. There are various beliefs about where it is located, but many say it is north of Tibet or located in Agartha. Shambala is known as ‘the place of peace, of tranquility.’


Expeditions and Missions

The Nazi party were also deeply fascinated with the Inner Earth and Adolf Hitler was said to have planned an expedition to the South pole entrance. It’s also believed to be the lost Aryan homeland of Thule which is similar to Hitler’s mission in creating an Aryan race. He believed that when the time came for the inner earthly beings to rule he would be beside them in power.

Admiral Richard Byrd, medal of honor recipient, also believed in a Hollow Earth. He was the first man to ever fly over the South pole. During another flight over the North pole, he noticed an opening at the top. From there he participated in numerous expeditions to the North pole as he noticed there were lakes, rivers, and green vegetation inside. National Geographic covered his expeditions, but wasn’t long until the United States government suppressed it’s release and made Byrd out to be a fake. Admiral Richard Byrd died a mysterious death.


If it wasn’t for our Earth’s restless interior, we wouldn’t have the means to survive. The magnetic sphere protects all living organisms and promotes life. Our planet is very much alive. If there is life on the outside, then there very well could be a grander life inside.


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