The Esoteric Art of Robert Buratti

He is the curator for the City of Armadale, Curator for the Minnawarra Art Awards, Past President of the Friends of the Art Gallery of WA, Past Editor of Artifacts Magazine (Art Gallery of WA), a member and sponsor of The Blake Society, founding President of the national art guild, Collective777, and has been awarded a number of international residencies and prizes for his own artwork across Australia, China and the USA.

His work is chiefly concerned with the role of the spiritual within contemporary art, and the talismanic and transformational power of the image. Influenced by the approach and experimentation of artists such as James Gleeson, Andre Breton, Aleister Crowley, Paul Gauguin and Pablo Picasso, his work seeks a balance between the seen and unseen, the technical and the intuitive.

Browse the gallery below to see a selection of Buratti’s work – and to learn more, click here.

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