Earthworks: Earth’s Sounds Visualized in a Psychedelic Art Installation

Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt are the brains behind a creative project called Semiconductor, and this visionary team recently replicated the visual and sound effects of Earth’s cyclical movements.

Their monolithic multimedia installation called Earthworks, is a five-channel computer generated animation inside an enormous domed space. Showcasing a series of distinct sounds, and ever-evolving masses, immersing you in psychedelic layers of colors, and undulating waveforms that ripple in both frantic and slow rhythms.

The artists used numerous layers and patterns of noise interfering with one another, finally adding the sound that completes the animation, determining the interference between the visuals.

“It sounds very natural when you listen to it. A lot of people think it’s a glacier or an earthquake when they listen to it, but it’s not. It’s digital information that’s been recorded. It’s a sequence of numbers that then become a waveform, and because it’s a waveform, you can translate it into sound.”

Watch Earthworks below, and feel free to share your thoughts by commenting!


Photo credit: Earthworks/SonarPLANTA/Alba Ruperez

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