Earth’s Seven Chakras Align With Our Own

There are seven glands in our body that correspond with their respective chakras (energy wheel). These areas are critical in promoting balanced bodily functions and overall vitality. Just like the body, our planet has it’s own energetic chakra system. Earth’s seven chakras are responsible for the input and output of energy in our world. Each year thousands of people travel to these locations for spiritual growth, healing, and energy.


Exploring Earth’s Chakras:

Mother Earth’s chakras are all connected and as we grow closer to enlightenment, so does our planet. From the root to the crown, each energetic point connects to one another.

1st Chakra: (Root)

Mt. Shasta located in California represents the primal force of life. The physicality’s of these traits can be seen in the geysers that rush up to surface, past volcanic eruptions, and the heights of the mountain – all representing the root rising upward.

Mt. Shasta’s history is sacred. It is known to be home of present day Lemurians who found safety on this mountain after their continent sank 12,000 years ago. There are also said to be magical hidden people similar to the hudolfolk of Iceland.

Although Mt. Shasta attracts many spirit guides, it is a place for anyone who wants to soak in the energies in store.


2nd Chakra: (Sexual/Sacral)

Located in the Island of the Sun, Lake Titicaca represents the sacral chakra through life and diversity. This world energy zone focuses on evolutionary advancements. Similar to the properties of the sacral chakra in our bodies, Incan mythology claims Lake Titicaca as the center of where civilization began.


3rd Chakra: (Solar Plexus)

Also known as Ayers Rock, Uluru is the Earth’s third chakra. The Uluru stone is 348 m high with most of it’s body beneath the ground. The main properties of this chakra is in regard to the vitality of Earth and it’s living beings. It is even seen as the umbilical cord of connection.


4th Chakra: (Heart)

Glastonbury, Somerset and Shaftesbury, Dorset with locations like the Stonehenge in near vicinity all represent the Earth’s fourth chakra. Here is where we can open our hearts and heal. The Chalice Well, Glastonbury Abbey, and Lady Chapel are all sights of healing energies. Just like the two valves of the heart, Glastonbury and Shaftesbury work harmoniously together.


5th Chakra: (Throat)

The Great Pyramids and the nearby middle east is also seen as the Earth’s throat chakra (including Mt. Sinai). This chakra governs all communication and is known as “the voice of the Earth.”  

The mysteries of the pyramids could very well serve as an attempt to communicate as well as the troubles of the Middle East. This point is the only area that is not located on a specific ley line, but rather on the exact center of Earth’s land mass.


6th Chakra: (Third Eye)

This point is the only area known to shift as time or aeons progress. The movement of Earth’s third eye represents the advancement of our planet. We are currently in the Aquarian Aeon. Earth’s sixth chakra is currently in Western Europe and will continue to move as we make our way through aeons.

7th Chakra: (Crown)

Located in the Himalayas, Mt. Kailash is the crown of Earth’s creation. It is also known to be responsible for moving the Earth’s sixth chakra as aeons permit. According to Buddhist belief, one trek along this mountain will atone for all sins while multiple treks can eradicate damnation for future lifetimes to come.


Connecting With Ley Lines:



Ley Lines are like the veins of the Earth in terms of connecting each energetic point to the other. Although ley lines are invisible, they are compared to the constellations in the sky. Just how we allow ourselves to be led by the stars, ley lines serve as guidance on our planet.


For example, Lake Titicaca and Mt. Shasta are energetically connected by intersecting Ley Lines. Uluru’s significant ley artery is the Rainbow Snake.



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