Dress the Darkness in Light With a ‘Zen Light’

Norwegian artist Peter Fistonic creates hand-made lamps, which dress your room in light that shines through thousands of tiny apertures and transforms darkness into a beautiful/brilliant work of art.

Using flexible wires, brass, coconuts and suede – Fistonic works for days sanding, carving, oiling and lacquering the lamps in order to unveil their “true form”.

“I have an burning passion for the process of creation That is why I’m constantly experimenting with new patterns . I want to see how far I can push the envelope. Doing the same pattern over and over again, would bore me. Tremendously.”

“It all started in my dorm room. Which isn’t much to look at. A bed, desk and few posters. In other words, like any other. With the click of a switch it is enchanted.”

Browse the gallery below for pictures of Fistonic’s creations – and to learn more visit Zen Light Art on Facebook.

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