Daniel Steiniger on Meeting Your Shadow, Fighting in the Fire, and What It Means to be a New Kind of Rebel

Daniel Steiniger, founder of New Kind of Rebel (NKOR), led an empowering Saatva yoga class at the Lovelight Yoga & Arts festival on August 20, 2017. With a mix of meditation, movement, and tons of smiles, Daniel narrowed in on the importance of being present and having fun. When he wasn’t teaching you could find him with his tribe at the New Kind of Rebel tent spreading their message and encouraging others to meet their true selves. NKOR is an active apparel line that stands on being so free that your sole existence is an act of rebellion.

“I came out of my mothers womb a rebel. I was always fighting. If someone said to go left, I would go right just to try it,” Daniel mentions.

This is exactly what Daniel advised each of us during his class. The practice of Saatva yoga creates an experience of wholeness and motivation to lead a full and joyous life. When the energy in class picked up, Daniel reminded us about the importance of having fun. Physically it was intense, but the rewards from that one hour were synonymous to the message NKOR is getting out.

There are shadows we must face within ourselves and it’s a process we all go through. Steiniger was separated from his family at a young age. In an instant he went from being a happy child to feeling the weight of an internal void. From that moment he was committed to filling the emptiness and finding love. He served in the air force, went to college, started his own IT consulting agency, and married a beautiful wife. Looking in from the outside you would believe Daniel had it all.

“I was still miserable inside,” Daniel shares, “the more stuff you accumulate and the more miserable you get, you start to live in a lot of fear.” Part of his awakening was just letting go of all of the stuff he had been holding onto as a child in his search for love.

This discovery is what ultimately led to the birth of New Kind of Rebel. At the surface NKOR is known for its outerwear, but in its heart it is a vehicle for spreading love and providing free yoga and meditation in high risk areas.

“The most important thing with New Kind of Rebel is accepting everyone for exactly who they are. It’s that sharing of that space which allows someone to breathe. Maybe for the first time in their life and feeling this person isn’t going to tell me what to do to be better… It’s just coming into contact with that person… That is the invitation. It’s always an invitation,” Daniel mentions. This invitation was evident during his class and NKOR is an embodiment of that openness.

Although New Kind of Rebel began a couple of years ago, it wasn’t until recently where the entirety of NKOR was shared with the world. Community and being present are core components of the message being shared. Growing up without much family, Daniel built a home within his friends. They were his crew. Despite the difficulties, he always found peace when immersed in his hobbies whether it be snowboarding, skating, or being outdoors.

The apparel is an outer reflection of living out loud and immersing yourself in the activities that bring you joy and freedom while the services invite freedom, community, and love.

“I also created New Kind of Rebel Foundation,” Daniel shares which is a non-profit organization. “We do a lot of VETyoga… support kids in India to go to school… It’s really the mechanism for me to do the teaching for free. I always want the teaching to be free,” Daniel elaborates.

Check out for active wear and join the community.

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