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Vadoinmessico – Teeo


The music video below, Teeo by Vodoinmessico (a previous incarnation of the band Cairobi), was animated by Rafael Bonilla, and is a delightfully psychedelic journey with claymation. Enjoy!

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Listen to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” Played on a 1910 Fairground Organ


The organ in the video below was first built in Paris in 1910 by Charles Marenghi, and eventually made its way to a restaurant in Belgium where it spent the majority of its life. After a stint at a Texas […]

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The YEARS Project by Bartholomaus Traubeck Explores How Tree Trunks Sound


“The Earth has music for those who listen.” – Rudolf Steiner  The YEARS project by Bartholomaus Traubeck takes slices of tree trunks, and then plays them through a process that is similar to a record player. According to a report […]

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Famous Edgar Allan Poe Stories Read by Iggy Pop, Jeff Buckley, Christopher Walken & More

closed-on-account-of-rabies copy

Closed on Account of Rabies is an album from 1997, which provides unique narrations of Edgar Allen Poe’s work by some of pop culture’s most iconic voices. Featuring Christopher Walken, Iggy Pop, and Jeff Buckley (among others) classics such as “The […]

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Getting to Know the Sonic and Creative Influences of The Straw Gods


The Straw Gods are an Indie/Blues/Rock band originally formed on the Northside of Dublin in the summer of 2012. A unique take on Blues, Jazz, and Rock, they place an emphasis the darker, soulful elements of each. Seeking to combine these elements […]

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Why We Fully Support Corey Feldman’s Music Career


“We’re doing something new that hasn’t been done before.” – Corey Feldman On Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016 Corey Feldman released an album entitled Angelic 2 the Core, which forever changed the landscape of music. Featuring contributions from “incredible recording artists, […]

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New GRIMES Mixtape is Perfect Soundtrack for Now

grimes, artist

Photo courtesy 4AD Claire Boucher, better known as GRIMES, is pretty consistent with her body of work. Visually intriguing, and sonically stunning her art encompasses a wide birth of influence. Last week she offered up a mixtape for BBC Radio […]

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The Snails – Future Islands’ Pet Project


Future Islands‘ Sam Herring and William Cashion are in a band called the Snails. Performing their shows in cephalopod-esque attire and carrying the same signature Future Islands’ energy – this “pet project” is nothing short of brilliant. Their debut EP Worth the Wait came out […]

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Is Sound the Future of Medicine?


Artwork by Luminokaya is a visionary software company seeking to prove that sound is the future of medicine. “Where words leave off, music begins.” – Heinrich Heine Years of research and development have allowed to create a niche software, […]

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This Machine Makes Awe-Inducing Music Using Marbles


Martin Molin, founder of the Swedish band Wintergatan, spent 14 months building a programmable marble machine that makes music. The machine, made of around 3,000 parts, also contains a kick drum, snare drum, hi-hat, sizzle cymbal, electric bass and vibraphone […]

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