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Ram Bomjon (Buddha Boy) Shocked The World When He Meditated For 10 Months Without Food Or Water, but Where Is He Now?


Back in 2005 Ram Bomjon started meditating under a tree for a period of 10 months without any food, water or sleep. What’s happened since? Back in 2005 Ram Bomjon (nicknamed ‘Buddha Boy’) started sitting and meditating under a similar […]

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Could the Entirety of Existence Be One Humongous Extraterrestrial Entity?


(Ufoholic) Could the entirety of existence be one humongous extraterrestrial entity? Columbia University astrophysicist Caleb Scharf believes it’s possible. According to Scharf, the driving force behind the entire universe might be the near-infinite intelligence of an alien civilization so old […]

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Carl G. Jung Attitude Types and the Sash of Solitude


Carl Jung believed that our orientation to the world was a foundational aspect of our personality. Jung identified was the two opposite ways in which we adapt to, or orient ourselves to, the world. These are Jung’s attitudes of Extraversion […]

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The Effect of Different Drugs on Spiders


In 1995, a NASA research group conducted a series of experiments on the effects of different drugs on spiders. From the experiment notes: Spiders on marijuana made a reasonable stab at spinning webs but appeared to lose concentration about half-way […]

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This 5 Minute Test Can Connect You Deeply With Anyone


Image from El Topo The mind is a mysterious matrix, filled with programming “hacks” that are both surprising and enlightening when you begin to experiment within the mainframe. The game below, from Oliver Emberton (see: How to Connect Deeply with Anyone […]

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How DMT May Be Related To Psychic Phenomena


Featured art by TechnoGandhi If you’ve ever experienced moments of deja vu, prophetic dreams, or extremely powerful moments of intuition, understanding your ‘glimpses into the future’ or ‘memories from the past’ may be somewhat perplexing. For those who are not spiritually inclined, the […]

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Moldavite: The Stone That Fell To Earth


“In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nontheless a living being.” – Nikola Tesla Edgar Cayce (March 18, 1877 – January […]

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Did Aleister Crowley Open An Interdimensional Portal in 1918?


Article originally published on (republished with permission) In the paranormal world, Aleister Crowley is one of the great legends, not only of black magic but of paranormal science and study. Crowley was a staunch proponent of countercultural values, so much […]

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Trypophobia: The Fear of Closely-Packed Holes in Every Day Objects


Trypophobia is a fear of closely-packed holes in every day objects, which occurs due to the geometry causing the brain to trigger reactions such as nausea, shortness of breath and a racing heart. If you’ve found yourself feeling ill at […]

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We Are about to Witness the Biggest Supermoon Since 1948


We are to witness something amazing on the eve of November 14. On that day, the distance between our planet and the moon will be the shortest in almost 70 years! The last time it happened was in January 1948. […]

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