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Witches of the World Unite and Cast Spell to ‘Bind Donald Trump and All of Those Who Abet Him’ (DETAILS)


At the stroke of midnight on February 24th, 2017, a massive number of witches engaged in an occult ritual to “bind Trump and all those who abet him”.  The spell calls on “demons of the infernal realms and the spirits of […]

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Historic discovery: NASA finds a Solar system with SEVEN Earth-like planets


Astronomers have detected SEVEN Earth-like planets orbiting a star called Trappist-1. According to scientists, all seven planets are very similar to Earth and have oceans of liquid water on their surface. Three of the alien worlds are so perfect that […]

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Sony Has Patented a Contact Lens That’s Blink Powered and Records Video


Unlike other forms of contacts and glasses that created an augmented reality or hook you up to the internet, Sony’s new patent is on a simple set of contacts that can record video. The recording is turned on and off […]

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Rare Ruby Sea Dragon Caught on Film, First Discovered in 150 Years


A rare red seadragon isn’t a mythical creature. It is real, and was first discovered in 2015. The species (Phyllopteryx dewysea) has now been captured on film. They are so rare, in fact, that scientists presumed that they would have […]

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Five Scientific Inventions Discovered in the Dream State

Diary of Discoveries, 10/8/13, 10:26 AM,  8C, 11020x13923 (979+209), 150%, Custom,  1/30 s, R36.9, G30.3, B49.5

To make a scientific discovery, many years of hard work are necessary.
But sometimes answers are found in places we least expect, like dreams and hallucinations…

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Scientists Are Actually Trying to Bring Back the Dead


Featured image from The OA (ANTIMEDIA) It sounds like the logline from the recent sci-fi horror movie, The Lazarus Effect. But the story coming out of Bioquark Inc. is real. The biotechnology company is moving ahead with a groundbreaking experiment […]

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How Nikola Tesla Used ‘Spirituality’ & Philosophy To Learn About Reality, ‘Limitless’ Energy & Science


(Collective Evolution) THE PROPERTIES OF SPACE Science works best when in harmony with nature. If we put these two together, we can discover great technologies that can only come about when the consciousness of the planet is ready to embrace […]

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In Ruwa, Zimbabwe, Over 60 Schoolchildren Had the Same Incredible UFO Encounter (Video)


(TheGhostDiaries) One of the most incredible UFO/alien close encounters of all time, and you may not have even heard of it. What did these schoolchildren see exactly? Was this a government psy-op of some kind because 60 kids sure as […]

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Forget Coffins! When You Die, Have Your Ashes Swirled Into a Crystal Glass Ball


(The Ghost Diaries) Seattle- based company Artful Ashes is changing the way we remember our loved ones by creating unique glass memorials for those who have passed away. Through the use of art glass blowing, Artful Ashes samples one tablespoon of yourloved […]

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Is There Life After Death? Quantum Consciousness and Beyond


(The Ghost Diaries) The modern worldview does not make it easy to believe in the afterlife. Science leaves little room for a conception of life after death. It’s much simpler, more logical, to view human consciousness as an immaterial interface […]

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