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Mysterious 600-Year-Old Buddha Head Emerges From a Lake In China


Foundations of a mysterious temple were discovered recently, when a Chinese villager stumbled across a Buddha head emerging from water. The head is encrusted in the rock, and appeared after the water level decreased to 10 meters. Archeologists believe it […]

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Marijuana Oil Types and Uses: CBD vs THC Oil


Marijuana oil (CBD or THC) is hardly a new thing on the scene. It’s been around awhile, but from all the hype lately, you would think it was the latest, greatest thing. Now, you may be a seasoned pro at the […]

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Revelation of the Method, Predictive Programming and the Prime Directive


These are big subjects and well worth investigation. Knowing the mechanics of the matrix we find ourselves in is extremely empowering and liberating. There’s a saying, “If you’re not wondering if you’re under mind control, you probably are.” Think about […]

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The Internet Is Freaking Out Because a Saudi Prince Just Bought 80 Plane Seats For His Falcons


Ahmet Yasar recently Tweeted a picture from an A330 plane, headed to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, with the following caption: “My captain friend sent me this photo… Saudi prince bought ticket for his 80 hawks.” Apparently it’s not uncommon to for wealthy people […]

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These Gorgeous Tattoos Are Inspired by the Spirit of the Amazon and Sacred Geometry


Brian Gomes is a Brazilian artist who is inspired by the spirit of the Amazon. His work embodies the soul of the jungle, and the tattoos he creates showcase the sacred geometric artwork of indigenous tribes. “I’m constantly inspired by […]

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Top 3 Most Terrifying Things That Have Ever Happened on Craigslist


Warning: Graphic and disturbing content (The Ghost Diaries) Craigslist has to be one of the coolest websites out there, particularly because you can use it for almost anything. Need some cheap furniture for your new apartment? Head to Craigslist. Want […]

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Scientists Discover Mysterious New Human Organ Called Mesentery


A new mysterious human organ has been discovered in the human digestive system called the mesentery, whose purpose isn’t yet fully understood, but its presence could hold the key to understanding and treating digestive system diseases. Interestingly, Leonardo da Vinci […]

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The Bizarre Story of The Order of the Solar Temple


(Bizarrepedia) The Order of the Solar Temple (Ordre du Temple Solaire or OTS in French) was, and still is, a secret society based upon the ideals of the Knights Templar. The little known esoteric sect was founded by Joseph Di […]

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20+ Fascinating Life Facts


“To live in the world without becoming aware of the meaning of the world is like wandering about in a great library without touching the books.” – Manly P. Hall The fascinating facts compiled in the list below will not only […]

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Ruined Childhood: Disney Movie Titles Replaced With More ‘Appropriate’ Captions


Tumblr user Ruined Childhood posted a phenomenal gallery of Disney movies featuring the classic titles replaced with more appropriate captions. Browse the gallery below, and enjoy! H/T Tumblr

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