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Five Scientific Inventions Discovered in the Dream State

Diary of Discoveries, 10/8/13, 10:26 AM,  8C, 11020x13923 (979+209), 150%, Custom,  1/30 s, R36.9, G30.3, B49.5

To make a scientific discovery, many years of hard work are necessary.
But sometimes answers are found in places we least expect, like dreams and hallucinations…

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Learn How to Interpret Dreams with These 7 Easy Steps from Sigmund Freud


Featured art by Vladimir Kush Do you struggle to understand the symbols in your dreams ? Are your dreams are so vivid that you remember them long after you awake? Perhaps you might need some help interpreting the symbols and […]

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How Do These 5 Common Archetypes of Carl Jung ‘Predict’ Your Personality?


The 12 major archetypes that lay deep within our unconscious mind were first described by Carl Gustav Jung. These are the psychic drives that pattern our social awareness, and even our behaviors. According to Jung, our engagement with archetypes allows […]

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