Artist Jolanta Talaikiene’s Harmonious Balance Between Dreams & Reality

Jolanta Talaikiene is an artist whose work reflects a harmonious balance between dreams & reality, logic & intuition, and observation & feeling.

Talaikiene describes her work by saying:

I was born and raised in Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania. Here I graduated from a gymnasium and finished my graphic design studies at Vilnius Art Academy (former Art Institute). After studies I worked at Lithuanian Film Studios drawing cartoons, later – teaching design at Vilnius Design Institute. Then for more than ten years I have been working in the Ministry of Internal Affairs as a public relations specialist, I have been responsible for representing this authority visually and creating and maintaining its style. Parallel I have been freelancing – illustrating books for kids and creating logos and branding for private clientele.

At 2011 I came to United States. Now I am making my first steps in creative field in this country. Here I started to integrate color into my works and began using acrylic paint. I use many graphic elements and detail in my paintings. My goal is to achieve harmony between colors and lines as well as to incorporate symbols into the composition. I put a lot of thought and philosophy into my work, however my biggest wish is to make every observer think of something of its own, open his mind to new visual experiences and leave him wanting to see more.

Browse the gallery below to see a selection of Talaikiene’s work, and to learn more, visit her official website by clicking here.

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13570290_240412206345716_455636284_o (1) The nightfall 24x24 (1)

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