The Art of Beatriz Bagulho: Intuitive Expressions of the Human Experience

Beatriz Bagulho is a 19-year-old artist who is currently studying animation in Bristol, England.

A freelance illustrator and animator, she intuitively expresses the human experience through her imaginative work. Her perceptions of reality stem from an amalgamation of dreams, ideas, interests and inside jokes.

Motivated mostly by the question of what it means to be human, and how we are different from other animals – ie: our roles in society, and our (subjectively) progressive evolution. Bagulho enjoys creating “strange characters in absurd situations, monstrous creatures which somehow relate to humans and expose our fascinating and ridiculous behaviors”.

Her greatest dream is “to become an animation director, making children, young people and adults appreciate the life we have, and question how can we make sure that humans become more conscious of what really is important.”

Browse the gallery below for a selection of her work, and to learn more be sure to visit her Facebook page by clicking here.

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