“Animalize”: Ekaterina Antonova’s Synthesis of Animal and Human Nature

Ekaterina Antonova is an artist who has dedicated her life to expression. Through her art, she acts as a creative medium who helps the spectators of her work feel purpose, and remember what it means to be alive.

Having studied across the globe, and mastered a panoply of traditional as well as modern techniques, she is one of Montreal’s most promising emerging artists. Her paintbrush writes in universal language, allowing her to express her view of the world. A world full of love, sprinkled with pieces of heaven found in the quietest moments of a day.

Her latest work, the “Animalize” collection, conveys the synthesis between animal and human eyes, and embodies her passion for animal advocacy.

Featuring colorful majestic animals with eyes that inspire, the intention of “Animalize” is to provoke an arousal of the deep sensuality found in nature. By connecting with the animals she paints, she hopes to evoke an intimate experience for the viewer, in order to discover your own close affinity to your animal nature.

Animals being at the center of this event, as well as the artist’s muse, a portion of the proceeds from the exhibit will be donated to Animal Ethics.

To learn more about Antonova’s work, browse the gallery below – and please take a moment to watch her Kickstarter to support “Animalize”.


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