Allow Yourself to Transform and Heal This Fall at Bhakti Fest

As the cusp of the season approaches, Bhakti Fest revisits the sacred Joshua Tree Retreat Center offering festival goers a transformative and healing experience from September 6-11, 2017.

Better known as the first and only family-run retreat offerings are available for all whether male, female, old, or young. Gather the gals and stop by the “Red Tent” offering prayer, Mystical Dance, Tantra, and Yoni worship with cyber sensation, Zoe Kors. Additionally, the Men’s Lodge at Zat Baraka aides in helping men step out of societal confines and constructs. Offerings include Recovery 2.0, astrological insight, and more.

Along with the respective lodges, the Kids Village offers family fun for everyone. Amongst the shaded ancient trees, The Kids Village is full of fun, creativity, music, and conscious activities to be enjoyed by all.

This year’s Bhakti Fest features chanting on two stages along with musical variety including blues, rock, pop, gospel, traditional, and hip hop. Find inner healing through motion therapy along Grammy nominee headliners including, Krishna Das and Jai Uttal.

Festival goers can find stillness among the transformative experiences in the JTRC’s Sanctuary, built in 1941. This space allows participants to channel their inner stillness by unplugging from the chatter of modern life. The JTRC Sanctuary offers massage, bodywork, energy work, and more.

Yoga, meditation, vegetarian cuisine, music, and spiritual study are but a few of the wondrous options throughout this six day experience. While Bhakti Fest offers a diverse setting for transformation to it’s guests, the festival also gives a majority of funds to charities and organizations worldwide.

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or just learning about meditation, Bhakti Fest has something for every level with an elite group of teachers from around the world. All are encouraged to give to immerse in this transformative experience.

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