Did Aleister Crowley Open An Interdimensional Portal in 1918?

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In the paranormal world, Aleister Crowley is one of the great legends, not only of black magic but of paranormal science and study. Crowley was a staunch proponent of countercultural values, so much so that he is often invoked as a kind of philosophical revolutionary. His life spanned from 1875 to 1947, during which time Crowley published many books and authored many mind-blowing theories. This includes a groundbreaking occult dictionary called 777.

Cambridge educated, Crowley mixed with the best and brightest of society. Although he had to struggle to free himself from his father, who was a preacher, and his religious mother, who openly called her son the “beast.”

Evolution of a Free Thinker

Aleister Crowley

• Although the British press said that Crowley was “the wickedest man in the world,” he was, more than anything, a free thinker. He was a believer in that which cannot be seen, and he relished taking pokes at established methods and consensus reality. Crowley was the author of “Magick in Theory and Practice.” Magic and drama were two halves of a whole for Crowley to express himself; his means of expression was the interpretation of religion through art forms like poetry or dance.

• Crowley proclaimed a new law of liberation and empowerment. Do what thou will. The Secret Society of the Golden Dawn initiated Crowley in 1898. It was a mystical group with elements of Freemasonry, Christianity, and Eastern thought. Crowley published the secrets of this society; previously he had believed secrecy was part of the power of mysticism. Then he became involved in “The Book of Law”.

• In 1904, “The Book of Law,” which was said to be written by three Egyptian deities, moved Crowley to cease being a solitary practitioner and become a prophet of his own religion: Thelema. Thelema means liberation. As the chosen prince/priest, Crowley taught the ordeals of initiation. Find the true will and live it, he divined. Artistic expression was the means of attainment for new methods of magick.

• The act of initiation of society to its rightful place of divinity was Crowley’s responsibility, as he saw it. Secrecy must be removed to allow the youthful naked energy of the new law to show itself. Powerless gods are then replaced by empowered men.

• After 1910, poetry was enfolded more fully into Thelema. Rituals became the Thelemic system of magic and ritual, later to become ritual and dance. All art, Crowley believed, is magick because it is liberating. And liberation is the right of mankind.

Victorian Role in Sex Magic

Aleister_Crowley,_sex magic
Aleister Crowley was a searcher of truth, even if some of these truths may have been manufactured by a drug-addled mind. His time was the time of great Victorian repression. Sex magic was the way that art made religious fervor and power grow stronger while savagely shaking the tree of Victorian beliefs.

Crowley was said to be a sex and drug addict, all in order to achieve higher states of consciousness. The drugs he used were said to range from cocaine to opium to heroin, and they served as more shock value for the Victorians.

Black magic was underscored by the same principles and powers of white magic. Only the names are changed to cover the fact. Crowley believed it was all semantics.

The guiding spirits were angels or light workers, proponents of white magic. Or, from another point of view, the spirits were not so much guiding as they were channeled demonic spirits. Be wary, Crowley said, of those hiding behind the altar.

According to him, all sides of the New Age beliefs were preparation for the coming of Christ or the Antichrist, or for the coming of ancient elder gods. Change was the catalyst for a new world order.

Interdimensional Beings

aliester crowley
Crowley sought to combine the two theories of extraterrestrial life and paranormal activity. Lam was an entity that Crowley invoked in 1918. A drawing of LAM that Crowley produced has a strong resemblance to the ‘grey aliens’ of modern UFOlogy.


Lam is the Tibetan word for path or way. In the 1970s, some of Crowley’s initiates of the OTO, Ordo Templi Orientis, say they managed to summon LAM, the entity that Crowley believed was an order of being that could open a portal between dimensions. The Cult of Lam was formed to formalize the group’s adherence to magic and to include an interdimensional, celestial element.

It is believed that Crowley intentionally opened the portal to another dimension through his magical workings. He was then able to establish contact with the non-human intelligence represented by LAM.

Contemporary Crowley disciples believe the portal has been widened since that time by other groups, not necessarily those occult in practice — Jack Parsons through the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and L. Ron Hubbard in 1946, who helped to bring a major shift in human consciousness, even though Crowley himself pointed out that the Scientology creator didn’t know what he was doing. These two merely ripped the portal open and did not close it.

In 1947, the age of UFOs began. The grey aliens appear to be mostly an American phenomenon. Crowley was in the United States when he began the experiments that called forth the LAM entity.

Anti-hero to many, hero to some, Crowley’s influence on philosophical and religious thought continues to this day.

Fun Conjectures about Aleister Crowley

Conjecture 1: Barbara Bush is the illegitimate daughter of Crowley.

Conjecture 2: Crowley was a double agent for the British during WW1.

Conjecture 3: L. Ron Hubbard was a personal friend of Crowley.

Conjecture 4: Crowley heavily influenced the counterculture movement of the 1960s.

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