The Akashic Mandalas of Wendy Sheridan are a Perfect Blend of Art and Soul

Chicago-area artist Wendy Sheridan crafts powerful tools of personal transformation with her visionary Akashic Mandalas.

The Akashic Mandalas of Wendy Sheridan are the perfect convergence of artwork and soulwork.

Wendy receives each mandala by accessing her clients’ Akashic records, which she explains are “the energetic imprint of your soul in this lifetime and every lifetime you have ever lived.”

Through her Akashic Mandalas, Wendy blurs the boundaries between reader and client, artist and public, consciousness and the unknown. Her process is pure magic, blending divination with fine art to produce a unique Mandala for each one of her clients. Having Wendy open your records and create an Akashic Mandala for you is to have your soul’s evolution transformed into a work of fine art — and to be transformed by that work of art.

Each Mandala is inspired by a message from her clients’ Guides that Wendy divines through an arcane bibliomantic process involving the selection of a random word through rare antique dictionaries. But what begins with the word ends with the image, as Wendy then designs an intricately beautiful mandala on the page as it is transmitted to her by her clients’ Guides.

“I really feel that the work is meant to convey in color and pattern what words can’t effectively capture,” Wendy explains.

Language divides — it’s what it is meant to do. Up from down. Inside from outside. Left from right. But that cutting power is abused when language divides us from one another, and from ourselves. What was once a tool to construct reality becomes a weapon to destroy it. Language can enslave the mind to build a mausoleum for the body’s demise.

“Everything being energy, words have definite limitations,” she continues. “[Words] often keep us stuck in our heads and communicating with stories from our past or creating for our future.”

With the Akashic Mandala, Wendy assists her clients of breaking free of the tyranny that language has upon the psyche and access their soul intention directly. It is like a dam of intuition bursting open to nourish lands scorched by the drought of pure reason.

“The artwork allows my clients to work in the now, in the present — and to create space. And that’s something that our busy minds have trouble doing. It allows them to have a new perspective on their lives and the room to receive the healing that’s in the imagery.”

“Language can entrap us in the need for precise definition and meaning,” Wendy explains. “And the images work in a more emotional and creative way. We discover our connections to color and symbol, and I think that we’ve lost that form of communication.”

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Aside from being beautiful works of art to be appreciated, Wendy intends her artworks to be used as mandalas are intended: as objects meant to aid in deep meditation.

“The intention is that these pieces are to be used in meditation to be unlocked by the person that they’re created for,” explains Wendy.

“It isn’t for me to interpret what the patterns and the imagery contain as much as it is for each client to really use this as a portal to spirit and a deeper understanding of themselves.”

Wendy began producing the Akashic Mandalas a couple years ago, following a lifetime in the arts and as spiritual seeker.

“I have been a lifelong follower of Carl Jung,” Wendy elucidates on the genesis of the Akashic Mandalas.

“In following [Jung’s] approach to understanding the innerself, I began exploring mandalas. [I started] creating mandalas to understand what was coming through my innerself.”

“[Jung] saw mandalas symbolic of the inner process; you’re growing toward your full potential. It’s all contained in this circular shape, and it allows you to tap into this higher vision of yourself.”

“I started doing that work in my 20’s post-art school when I was teaching inner city kids in Chicago. At different points in my life it was a really great tool for me to understand that transcended other ways of understanding myself.”

Wendy has always been a lucid dreamer and clairaudient, gifts which give her a deeper access to the Akashic records. The Akashic Mandalas are the ideal synergy of her spiritual gifts and artistic genius.

With an accomplished background in advertising and interior design, Wendy understands the subtleties of the unconscious mind and ability to create aesthetic space. Having worked as a teacher of the arts to inner-city children in Chicago, she is a practiced guide of creative evolution.

“After I learned to read Akashic Records,” she continues, “I [had] studied how to get into that space of receiving that energetic information, and I thought it would be really interesting to see what would come through if I went into my records and created a Mandala. What would be different? What would that look like?”

“And it was SO different. It was really unlike anything I had ever created. I felt like it was coming from a place that was even beyond consciousness for me. It was really spirit-led energy.”

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Wendy offers her clients a unique opportunity with the Akashic Mandala.

As a spiritual intuitive, she allows you to connect with your Higher Self through inner guidance.

But as an artist, she opens the space for everyone to reconnect to the true potential of art: to open a portal to the divine.

Visit to learn more about how you can work with Wendy to uncover your soul’s blueprint, or follow her on Instagram.

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