Adding Color to Reality with Argentinian Street Artist Rodrigo Mathot

Rodrigo Mathot, better known as “Rolled” or “RODM”, is a street artist from the city of Cordoba Argentina.

He began doing street art around 2012, but has been drawing since childhood, when he had kidney disease, and credits art for helping him through the illness/dark period.

Mathot describes his current work by saying:

“…it allows me to take a few minutes out of reality and add color to the city, while enjoying the company of my friends painting. I feel the satisfaction of the process, no matter how the drawing ends, just spending that time is what counts…

I try to change a little the world with just a drawing and that’s what I try every time I paint.” (translated from Spanish)

To learn more about Mathot’s work, visit his Instagram by clicking here.

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