5 Things I Learned From Watching The Reality of Truth

In the documentary, The Reality of Truth, Zappy Zapolin explores different ideas such as plants being the necessary wisdom to our modern problems, what it means to be a “psychenaut”(sailors of the mind), and living out your ultimate truth. The film stars multiple psychenauts including Deepak Chopra and Michelle Rodriguez. Here are some things I learned from The Reality of Truth while also further enhancing my current beliefs. I invite you to view this film and form your own takeaways. It might even encourage you to embark on your own journey as a psychenaut.


1.We only need a certain amount of people tapped in to change global consciousness.

“You can’t fix a problem with the same consciousness or thinking that got you into that situation” – Albert Einstein

Change. It’s a word we hear so often and in so many ways. People get discouraged by the change that is required to make a difference in the world let alone their own lives. The film does a great way of channeling that fear into action. Transcendental meditation is a technique that allows you to detach yourself from anxiety and promote harmony through mantra and breathing. It’s a small change that has the potential to completely alter your day to day living.

“Today there are more than 7 million people worldwide doing transcendental meditation.” – Zappy Zapolin, The Reality of Truth

I have been practicing meditation on and off for a couple of years and just recently committed to a regular daily practice. Meditation has served as a catalyst to most of the recent changes I have pushed for. I can see the same positive change occur in society as more of us begin to tune in.


2. We accept the current world that surrounds us because we shaped it to be this way.

This was a great point made in The Reality of Truth. Think about your friend who is in that toxic relationship. You’re on the outside and can see the absurd nature of it all, but to your friend that unhealthy dynamic is completely normal. If we keep accepting this current world for its toxins, the results will soon be too damaged to reverse.

“There’s war, there’s terrorism, there’s global warming, there’s social injustice, 50% of the world lives with less than $2 a day, the environment is totally screwed up, and we say this is normal. It’s psychotic! It’s psychotic because we created it.” – Deepak Chopra

We are on the cusp of a new boundary and all it takes is the shift of consciousness to truly expand without the constraints of our past.

“It seems to be a natural inclination to alter our consciousness.. If we can use substances whether it’s broccoli, or ayahuasca, or C-Sharp major to give us a glimpse of what’s possible for human beings, or more specifically, what I’m ready for..” – Foster Gamble, Co-Creator, Thrive Movement


3. A shared responsibility awaits.

Whether you decide to practice meditation, utilize plant medicine, or both, we must be receptive. It’s not enough to just rely on meditation if you aren’t going to do your part in terms of consistent practice and reflection. It’s also not enough just to take plant medicine and expect it to heal you without doing your part.

“Each person has a pattern and that pattern is 50% woven by the person and 50% woven by the divine.. Ayahuasca is capable of changing the whole pattern. When you drink the medicine, 50% of the medicine’s responsibility is to do all the healing.. that it needs to do. The other 50% of taking it further is always yours. ” – Freddy Puma, San Pedro Shaman

There is a reason we are receptive to these plants. Not only do they aid in raising our awareness, but plant healing does exactly what modern drugs don’t – unmask the problem.


4. Exploring the sinister nature of the pharmaceutical industry.

The film poses an important question: “How could these plants be illegal? The answer is even more sinister.. Money.”

I always had a problem with any kind of medicine since I was a child. Headaches come and headaches go. It’s a horrible sight I’d encounter when my friends would pop an Aleve for a minor headache. This mentality seems robotic, passive, and uneducated. It’s not just our friends who fall to the calling of quick relief. Our doctors do too. The role pharmaceuticals play trains doctors to prescribe medicine that might not be necessary to begin with. Incentives for pharmaceutical sales representatives drive them to sell, sell, sell. Even if this means having little concern for the good of patients. According to a recent Forbes article, doctors are beginning to question this, but is that enough?

“Here I am living my entire life sustained by plants. I’m eating vegetarian and my day job is bringing out a plant based formula to help people with addiction. I owe everything to these ancient tools.” – Zappy Zapolin

The Reality of Truth is just one of the few players who are speaking out against the current world we live in. Exploring the other side of the pharmaceutical industry is something we should all do. Perhaps a balance between plant healing and conventional medication could be in our near future.

5. Origins of Rythmia


Zappy Zapolin and Michelle Rodriguez discuss their dreams of bringing like minded people together. A place where they can tap into this realization. After meeting with some more friends including Gerard Powell, Rythmia was born. Located in Costa Rica, Rythmia’s mission is to improve people’s lives through the channels of natural medicine and holistic therapies.

“This place manifested out of that single conversation and a desire to help people break the wiring.” – Zappy Zapolin

Watch The Reality of Truth for FREE on YouTube below, and be sure to share your thoughts on what you took away from this cinematic experience.

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