10 Famously Haunted Hotel Rooms You Can Spend the Night In

Looking for that extra something from your next hotel stay? Do you enjoy the ghostly sounds of children playing in the dead of night or the thought of a gentleman caller who silently watches as you sleep. If you often find staying in hotel a lonely experience, here are the most haunted hotel rooms in the world, guaranteed to include some other-worldly guests to keep you company throughout the night.

Room 217
The Stanley Hotel, Colorado, US


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The Stanley Hotel in Colorado is as famous for being the inspiration behind Stephen King’s novel The Shining as it is for its haunted reputation. Stories of ghostly sightings can be traced back to its construction by F O Stanley in 1907, and the most famous of otherworldly resident is Elisabeth Wilson who is said regularly appear in room 217. All things considered, she’s not that bad a spirit to have around. She was a housekeeper in the hotel, and is said to still be dedicated to her work even after her death. Guests in room 217 have returned to find their bags unpacked and a neatly made bed. While this isn’t the most spine-tingling ghost story, I’m sure the ghostly goings-on are most appreciated by unsuspecting hotel guests.

Room 928
Hollywood Roosevelt, California, US


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Montgomery Clift is one of the spirits said to haunt this famously haunted hotel, many guests have reported hearing a trombone being played and the sound of Clift pacing the hallways reciting old lines on the 9th floor. Other paranormal celebrity sightings occur in room 928 which is the suite that Marilyn Monroe frequented, and it is said that her spirit remains in the room. Visitors have been thoroughly spooked when they saw what appeared to be Monroe’s figure in the mirror of their room.

Rooms 612 and 325
Hawthorne Hotel, Salem, Massachusetts, US


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The ghost that haunts rooms 612 and 325 in the Hawthorne hotel is responsible for all types of paranormal mischief. The apparition is said to be a woman, and is responsible for turning on and off lights in the middle of the night and even stealing keys and other important, albeit small items. The sound of children crying in the middle of the night is also often reported making this a chilling nocturnal destination.

Room 324
Toftaholm Herrgard, Sweden

10 Famously Haunted Hotel Rooms You Can Spend the Night In… If You Dare
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Room 324 in this hotel was the location of the end to a tragic story. As the tale goes, a peasant fell in love with the daughter of the house’s owner. Her father would not have his daughter marry a peasant, and arranged for her to marry someone more suitable. When the boy got the news, he hung himself in room 324. The phantom noises and movements make people think he remains there to this day waiting for his would-be bride.

Room 1313
Oatlands Park Hotel, Surrey, UK

10 Famously Haunted Hotel Rooms You Can Spend the Night In… If You Dare
Another not-so-terrible ghost resides in the Oatlands Park Hotel, namely in and around room 1313. The Welsh rugby team had a firsthand experience with this entity during a recent Rugby World Cup. Known as the ‘Grey Lady’ it’s believed she is the spirit of a former maid who threw herself from the tower and landed right outside the room sometime in the early 19th century. With a number like 1313, it is no wonder it is somewhat unlucky. Guests experience temperature fluctuations in this room that cannot be attributed to technical malfunctions.

Rooms 8 and 10
Battery Carriage House, South Carolina, US

10 Famously Haunted Hotel Rooms You Can Spend the Night In… If You Dare
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Known as Charleston’s most haunted inn; this hotel does not shy away from the reports of ghostly behaviour that go on inside its walls. Rooms eight and ten are specifically haunted by a headless ghost known as “The Gentleman Ghost”. He is known to appear next to the beds of visitors in these rooms. I’m not sure how devious this ghost is, but with a name like that I’m sure he’s just wondering if he can get you a cup of water.

Room 302
Hotel Del Coronado, California, US

10 Famously Haunted Hotel Rooms You Can Spend the Night In… If You Dare

In 1892, hours after checking into room 302, the body of Kate Morgan was found with a gunshot wound to the head. Her apparent suicide was deemed very suspicious and some people thought there might have been foul play at work when the bullet that killed her didn’t match the gun she was found holding. Her death remains a mystery, and it seems Kate still has some unfinished business with the hotel. Visitors who rent room302 have experienced their TV turning on and off, and some have even seen a woman’s figure standing by the window.

Rooms 3, 9 and 23
Airth Castle, Scotland

10 Famously Haunted Hotel Rooms You Can Spend the Night In… If You Dare
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There are multiple spirits in this hotel, but the most haunted rooms in the castle are said to be haunted by the ghosts of two children and their nanny who died in a fire. Children’s voices have been heard playing in all of these rooms, only for the sound to mysteriously stop as soon as anyone enters the room. There are also stories of a phantom dog that roams the castle hallways, and is well-known to give the occasional nip to the ankle. If you’re looking for a restful night sleep free from paranormal encounters, be warned it’s hard to pick a room in this hotel that isn’t haunted.

The Pink Room
Chillingham Castle, UK

10 Famously Haunted Hotel Rooms You Can Spend the Night In… If You Dare
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This castle’s long and bloody history is indeed quite chilling (see what I did there?). Over the centuries many were tortured and executed on the estate, with methods that can barely be fathomed today. The pink room is especially terrifying, as it is haunted by a mischievous spirit. The trademark of the ghost is the flashing blue lights that emit when it is present. Because of this the ghost has been known as Blue Boy.

Room 333
Langham Hotel, London, UK

10 Famously Haunted Hotel Rooms You Can Spend the Night In… If You Dare
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The Langham hotel has been visited by many noteworthy guests including Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde. It also carries a reputation of being haunted, especially room 333. There have been numerous sighting of a man in Victorian evening dress that walks towards guests while they lay in their beds, his arms out stretched and eyes empty, before vanishing into thin air. To make things even more unusual, he only appears during the month of October. Make sure you book your trip soon or you might miss him!

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